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Room divider YOKO 74.5 - 367.5cm, wood, 6 elements

Need to divide a room or an area of the house to keep it safe for your kids?
Want to securely block a stairway, doorway or opening?
Looking for a playpen?
YOKO, the 3in1 playpen / room divider / safety gate is exactly what you’re looking for.
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Product Description

Main features

  • divides any space from 74,5cm to 367,5cm
  • includes: 5 elements, 1 door, 2 wall connection kits
  • ‘slam-shut’ feature
  • 2 steps to open for added security
  • 1 Hand -2 Step’ handle

Exclusive advantages for parents and child

Comes ready to use, no assembly required!

Designed to provide the maximum safety for your home while still being easy to use. Incredibly easy to use while providing the maximum safety for your home. Designed, built and tested according to the European standards and safety regulations EN 1930:2000 and EN 12227:1999.:
  • No tools required to change shape, just squeeze, lift and click!
  • Takes seconds to adjust the size, shape or function of the product.
  • A free-standing playpen, a wall mounted room divider and a safety gate in one easy-to-use product.
  • The playpen can be set up as a square, a rectangle or a hexagon to suit any location.
  • The door closes automatically thanks to the ‘slam-shut’ feature but requires 2 steps to open it for added security.
  • The ‘1 Hand-2 Step’ handle allows you to open the child-lock gate with one hand.
  • The room divider can be set up in a variety of unique positions so you’re sure to find the exact configuration for your needs.
  • The room divider can also be used as a safety guard around a fireplace or stove.
  • The room divider is wall mounted for added stability but can be quickly disconnected when not in use. The length of each element is: 78cm. The opening of the door is; 35cm and the gap between the floor and the door is 5cm.

  • Technical Details

    • Height 76 cm
    • When the playpen is set up as a hexagon it is 125cm wide at it’s widest point.
    • Each corner can be manipulated from both sides and in both directions
    • Only natural wood and non-toxic plastics are used in this product so there is no risk of danger to you or your children.
    • No part of the product requires lubrication.
    • No need for chemicals, solvents or scouring pads to clean the gate, simply use a cloth with warm water and a mild detergent.
    • Designed in Europe and made from the finest materials in Vietnam
    • Yoko requires no tools to assemble or disassemble, it can be set up and adjusted by hand.
    • Plastic joints either in blue or grey depending on stock

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