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Bambino World Shipping Info

Where do we ship to?

Bambino World sends its articles to most European Union countries, such as Austria, Germany, France, Belgium, the United Kingdom, the Netherlands, Italy, Denmark, Hungary, Spain, Ireland, Luxembourg, Poland, Czech Republic, Slovenia, Slovakia.

However, there are some islands in these countries where we can not ship as islands of Spain (Canary Islands, Balearic Islands), islands of France (Corsica) Malta, Greek Islands.

For complete information regarding shipments to the islands please contact us by e-mail or use the contact form on our website.


What are the shipping methods and delivery periods?

For years Bambino World has been successfully cooperating with GLS, the transport company of international renown. This ensures safe and prompt deliveries at competitive prices. Depending on the country of origin, the delivery takes within 2 to 8 working days.


What are the shipping fees?

It is very important for us to keep the shipping prices low and as transparent as possible. Therefore we charge the same low transport cost for all of our items, regardless of their size or weight.

PROMO: Free shipping for orders over 79 Euro! Save up to 8.95 Euro!

- The amount saved depends on the target country

For orders under 79 Euro we charge different rates, depending on the target country. In addition, the shipping cost is calculated per order: this means that even if you order more than one item the shipping cost is always calculated only for the first item; for all other items in your order, the shipping is free.

Below you will find more detailed information on shipping costs and delivery times:





BE | CZ | DK | ES | GB | HR | HU | IE | IT* | LI | LU | MC | NL | PL | SK | SI

Shipping fee

€ 4,95

€ 6,95

€ 8,95

Delivery time
2 to 3 working days
3 to 4 working days
3 to 8 working days

* We deliver to the Italian islands Sardinia, Sicily etc.

Examples of shipping costs for Bambino World:

1 car seat in Austria:                                                € 4.95
2 strollers and 3 safety gates for Germany:        € 4.95

3 car seats and 3 safety gates  for France:          € 6.95

1 pushchair for Spain:                                             € 8.95
1 car seat for Italy:                                                    € 8.95
3 safety gates  and 3 playpens for UK:                € 8.95


Free shipping for orders greater than or equal to 79 Euro!


How do I know the status of my delivery?

You can track the delivery of the package directly on the website of our logistic partner.


It is the buyer's responsibility, after tracking the parcel online, to contact the shipping company in the target country, in order to confirm the delivery date, delivery hours and shipping address.